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         West London School of Dance is proud to be part of English National Ballet’s Ballet Futures: The Pipeline Project.

Ballet Futures children’s training program aims to encourage more dancers from traditionally underrepresented groups (African Diaspora, Caribbean, South Asian, and South East Asian heritage) to participate in professional ballet training at the earliest possible point. 

Run in association with English National Ballet, this platform will provide gifted and talented young dancers aged 8 and above the training and space to grow into their potential as young artists.

Following an audition, the participants will receive:

  • free weekly training at our school

  • financial support towards shoes and school uniform

  • the chance to work with English National Ballet dancers, artists, and teachers throughout the year

  • access to English National Ballet’s building, the Mulryan Centre for Dance, with additional support for travel to and from East London

Twice a year, English National Ballet representatives will also visit us to offer classes, host a Q&A. 

If your child loves to dance and is aged 8-12, and your family is of African Diaspora, Caribbean, South Asian, or South East Asian heritage, please contact us to arrange for more information on the next round of audition

Ballet Futures: The Pipeline Project is supported by the Leverhulme Trust

Video with Michelle Ballentyne
Ballet Futures, Project Lead

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